Home Humidifiers; Tips On Buying And Running One

Humidifiers are wonderful units to have in the home whether it's part of a central air-conditioning unit or in a portable that you put in a particular room to make it more comfortable and livable. With the unpredictability in the weather today, humidity changes without warning and during the summertime, this can be detrimental to people with breathing problems such as emphysema, asthma, and other respiratory ailments.

Today, you're going to learn some tips and tricks and not only how to buy a humidifier click here to more info, but the little things that make using one in the home more efficient and promotes a more comfortable life for you and your family.

To get the best out of the humidifier you need…

  • Number 1: does the humidifier have a monitoring system that lets you check to see what the humidity is.
  • Number 2: are you going to go with the central humidifier in an AC system or portable room based humidifiers. There are pros and cons to both of these approaches. A centralized humidifier keeps the whole home at the right level of humidity for comfort. However, you have to look at the overall cost of having it installed. This is why many people opt for the portable units and weight to the next upgrade of their central air-conditioning system to have the humidifier option installed. This seems to be the most cost-effective approach.

What you need to have in the unit:

  • Size: A portable unit must, of course, be portable. This means it should be easily movable about the room. Wheels are necessary to get it from place to place or room to room.
  • Water Capacity: The unit must have enough water storage to last for at least 24 hours of continuous operation, especially if you plan to run it while sleeping or going out for the day.
  • Controls: These should be simple to understand and use. A timer feature is also desirable as you can save on energy and costs of operation if it shuts off after a specific time.
  • Automatic Shutoff: This should turn off the unit if the water container gets full or the unit has icing problems.
  • Defrost control: Useful if the above icing condition occurs.
  • Quiet: Many people opt to have a humidifier in their bedrooms and you, therefore, want a machine that wouldn't keep you up all night.
  • Washable filters: Though many prefer replaceable filters, they add to the costs of running the unit. A washable set of filters is more cost efficient.
  • Simplicity: The controls must be easy to use, water easy to remove, and the filters easily taken out and re-installed.
  • Energy efficient: Energy Star compliant is preferable as this may mean you can get tax credits for saving energy and "Going Green". A more practical reason, however, is that it will save you on your electric bill as well.
  • Cost: You need to compare prices before you buy. You'll find that today almost all portable units have similar features. So, take your time and compare features as well as price before you take out your credit card or write a check.
  • Safety Features: Along with an empty water container, Clogging of the filters can cause overheating and damage to the unit. An Anti-tip switch is also desirable if there are children are around as well as a GFI, (Ground Fault Interrupter is also good to have, as electricity and water are a lethal combination, should the unit leak or be knocked over.

Now that you have one

Here are some additional things you need to do after you’ve bought and installed your humidifier.

  • Check it at least once every 24 hours to verify the water level and fill it as needed.
  • Depending on your home environment, you may want to change the filters/clean them on a monthly basis. This will depend, of course, on how often you use the unit.
  • Make sure the outlet is not facing a child's bed, or a baby's crib if you've installed the unit in the nursery.

By following these simple tips, you will get more use out of your humidifier and your children, mostly poor comfortably as well, you as the humidity is kept at a comfortable level.